Make Benefits Personal

Make your company stand out by offering the most diverse personal benefits on the market. Our range of local and global benefits are available to your employees from day one. From accounting to zoomba and everything in-between, there’s something for everyone! In addition to happier employees, Ajuda makes recruiting top talent a breeze.

what ajuda offers
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Ajuda is the Benefit

  • A simple, hassle-free solution for your HR team

  • No itemizing or approving individual benefits

  • We take care of everything, relieving your accounting and HR teams

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Understanding your employees

The More You Know

Every month, Ajuda will provide you with a benefit usage report. From childcare to wellness, you can analyze what your team cares most about. When you empower your employees with freedom of choice, you gain a deeper understanding of their needs and motivations.

How Does it Work?

You set a budget for your employees on the Ajuda web app.

Your employees gain access to a wealth of benefits.

Your employees purchase a voucher and redeem for services at their leisure.