Benefits Have to Change

Ah, the age-old riddle. If a Human Resources (HR) rep spends budget on a benefit that isn’t used, is it actually a benefit? That’s the question my co-founder and I grappled with while working in HR together. When it came to providing benefits for the whole office, especially ones that attracted and retained talent the struggle was real.

We tried everything, and it usually always ended the same. 10-20% engagement. Which meant we had to plan and pay for 40%. When asked about the low turnout the answer was always the same. ‘Love that you tried it but it’s not what I personally want’. So not only were a minority of employees engaged but we budgeted for double. Just in case. Double the cost and low engagement. How is this ok? No one wins but the company that supplies the benefit.

Sure, there are benefits platforms that offer flexible benefits but with caveats. Benefits still need to be approved. Or, the more benefits an employee has access to the more HR pays. Let’s be real. With tight budgets, the employee almost always loses that stand-off. So you’re left with just another band-aid on the problems.

So we decided to do something about it. We founded Ajuda.  

Ajuda is a platform that not only makes benefits personnel and employees happy but also works for HR. Our core principle is that employees have access to everything on our platform. Making it truly personal. Not only are we focused on offering benefits that improve work life, such as learning and development. But, also benefits at home. Like child care and hobbies. Our referral program also allows employees to request services.

Coming from HR we knew we had to make HR’s life easier. Ajuda is the benefit. That means only one line for taxes. Trust us, your CFO will thank you. Benefits are pre-approved, so no headaches with paperwork. No awkward meetings with employees who need to justify what they want for purely bureaucratic reasons. That gives HR staff time to focus on more critical issues.

Benefits HAVE to change and we’re here to do it. Want to be part of the change just fill out the form here.