5 Concerns Companies Have About Flexible Benefits and how Ajuda solves them

There’s been a lot of changes in business from improved technology to shared working spaces but why haven’t benefits seen a foundational change? We wanted to explore concerns companies have about flexible benefits and how Ajuda solves them  


Concern: Complex and Costly


One of the biggest reasons companies avoid offering flexible benefits is just how darn complex they can be. Especially, to administer. Many programs require setting up the platform, managing employees, dealing with service issues and more. With all that administering, the costs for additional staff can add up. That feels like more trouble than it’s worth.


The Ajuda solution: At Ajuda we planned for this. We handle the administration, service issues and managing employees. You just send us a list of employees and their budget. We’ll do the rest!


Concern: Low Employee Interest


One concern we often hear is that there isn’t employee interest in flexible benefits. The fact is many employees simply aren’t aware of flexible benefits programs. So it’s very likely employees do not know this could be an option. In fact, Forbes found (read here) that 62% of employees said flexibility in benefits would make them feel empowered. 

The Ajuda solution:
At Ajuda data is key. Our local survey of employees in the Netherlands found that 90% surveyed preferred to manage benefits on their own. We can help you survey your employees if needed.


Concern: Budget, Budget, Budget


The biggest concern and constraint is often budget. Hey, we get it. Even during great economic times, it’s always good to not spend too much. Many flexible benefits providers charge more based on the number of employees you have or the options you choose. That can put a big dent in your budget.


The Ajuda solution: Ajuda was founded by HR veterans who understood the issues with budgets all too well. That’s why our pricing model is simple. A flat fee based on your budget. Not based on how many options you want for your employees and not based on how many employees you have. That makes us more budget-friendly than the competition.


Concern: Legal and Compliance


The last thing any company wants to do is get into hot water with legal and compliance. Flexible benefits programs can sometimes raise some concerns for companies. It can be a challenge to ensure all options are compliant with laws and regulations. Plus when you collect data on employees you have to be compliant with GDPR. Costs can really skyrocket when doing this on your own.


The Ajuda solution We take that headache off of you. Our data collection is compliant with GDPR and we stay up to date with Dutch consumer and tax laws. All employee actions are handled within our app so it’s out of employers' hands.


Inadequate Understanding and Expertise


Finally, some companies choose not to use flexible benefits platforms simply because they lack an understanding of them. How do you communicate flexible benefits to staff? What about onboarding? This often requires staff and work hours. That can feel like more work than it’s worth especially if you’re worried about low participation (see above).


The Ajuda solution: At Ajuda we’re the flexible benefits expert. We’ll talk to your staff, onboard, and communicate what’s new or changed.


In conclusion, Ajuda can handle your concerns about flexible benefits. Even if it’s a concern you don’t see here let’s talk. Not only do we offer flexible benefits without hassle but we also want to be flexible with your business! Book a demo with us today by filling out the form on our home page.